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Cleans the following EPSON print heads:

R1800, R1900, R2000, R2400, R1400, R1430, R3000, Pro 4800, Pro 4880, Pro 3800, Pro 3880, Pro 7800, Pro 9800, Pro 7880, Pro 7880 and any EPSON based on the DX5 print head



Cleaning an inkjet head takes time. Your time is valuable. Don't spend it in front of a sink with a syringe. Let the Jet Genie do it for you. It doesn't get frustrated, it doesn't get bored, it doesn't care that it's Friday night past 5 pm. It just does what it was created to do: Clean your inkjet head. Consistently and efficiently. Due to very limited availability, Epson print heads are now being sold at a premium. 

The Jet Genie uses suction, positive pressure, acoustics, irrigation and filtration to clean the print head. It alternates between different combinations of methods to break up the ink clogs and evacuate them from the nozzles.

The Jet Genie can measure the flow and determine which channels need cleaning and the degree of clogging. Thus, it can target only the nozzles that need cleaning.

There are no metal parts on the inside of the unit, minimizing the risk that you'll accidentally bump the print head against something harder than its surface and cause damage.

The system is modular so that it can be easily disassembled for cleaning. Microprocessor-controlled via a color touch-screen for versatility and ease of use.


  Allows you to clean and/or check individual channels

The Jet Genie takes the guesswork out of the cleaning process. You can, at any point, check the level of flow through the head to determine which channels need cleaning.

It also allows you to specify the duration of the cleaning cycle.



Measures flow through each individual channel

This  allows you to target individual channels for cleaning. The Jet Genie features super-accurate pressure sensors which are used to measure minute changes in flow through the print nozzles. This enables the unit to determine the level of flow and therefore the level of clogging.





Irrigation and filtering

The print floats in a bath of cleaning fluid. The fluid is constantly circulated, filtered, and targeted at the nozzle plate to help wash away ink particles.

The unit contains 4 refillable filter chambers. This allows the user to change the filter media when needed. The filter media is a very high density media designed for filtering diatom-size particles. This ensures that there won't be any free-range particles to get sucked back up into the nozzles.

The irrigation nozzles are pointed at the nozzle plate and they accelerate cleaner which has just come from one of the filter chambers so the nozzle plate is constantly being bombarded with clean cleaning fluid.



Acoustic Vibration

The proprietary acoustic sounder was purpose built for the Jet Genie. It is not a modified jewelry cleaner or some other type of device.

Others have experimented with ultrasound devices and jewelry cleaners without much success. They are either ineffective or damage the print head or both. The problem with those types of cleaners is that they are designed to clean 3-dimensional objects completely submerged in liquid. The Jet Genie's acoustic sounder is designed to send the vibrations straight up the ink nozzles where they can be effective in breaking up clogs.



Possitive and negative pressure

The Jet Genie alternates the application of positive and negative pressure to the ink conduits. This further helps break up clogs.



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